City Club is more than a place – it’s a way of life that enables you to relax and find greater balance in your life through connecting with other Members with similar interests, improving overall health and vitality, and exploring new avenues for fulfillment.

At City Club, we understand that many of our Members aspire to find a certain “balanced life experience”, whether they want to explore their optimal health potential, discover new passions, or network with fellow business professionals. Our intangible goal, then, is to provide a conduit that will help Members of all ages reach their full potentials. At City Club, we want your experiences to bring out the best in you.

City Club is now A Platinum Club of America

City Club at River Ranch is honored to be chosen as A Platinum Club of America in the “City Club’s” category.  City Clubs are clubs with "City Club" in their official name, offering meeting and banquet rooms, member dining, athletic facilities and may provide hotel rooms.  City Club at River Ranch ranked 29th out of the Top 50 City Club’s in the nationwide poll of Club Managers and Owners.  The selection criteria in which we were scored consisted of: Universal Recognition, Excellence in Amenities and Facilities, Caliber of Staff and Professional Service Levels, Quality of Membership, Governance & Prudent Fiscal Management, Adapting to Changing Times, and Overall Experience.

A few reasons why Platinum recognition is so important:

·         Enhances Member satisfaction

·         Promotes sustained Membership levels

·         Highlights the importance of long range planning

·         Prioritizes capital projects

·         Acknowledges that Staff are a Clubs’ most important asset

·         Provides a benchmark of excellence

·         Ranking allows Clubs to set new goals to achieve greater success

·         Recognizes the optimal Private Club experience  


Platinum Clubs® of America began in 1979 as the brainchild of John Sibbald who is the creator of John Sibbald Associates, an Executive Search firm.  Over a 30-year span, John Sibbald Associates has placed more than 1200 Club Managers in the World's most prestigious Private Clubs and Exclusive Resorts. He and his firm's reputation are unmatched in successfully placing General Managers, Golf Directors and Superintendents. John's vision was to create a platform to recognize the finest Private Clubs in the United States.  Published every 2 years by the Club Leaders Forum, The Platinum Clubs® of America is the most respected recognition of excellence in the industry. Selected by the Club Managers, Club Presidents and Owners; Platinum Clubs® of America represent the very finest private Clubs throughout the United States.