Body Treatments

The Moroccan Ritual
60  min/$110.00
Be revitalized, refreshed and relaxed by this luxurious journey.  Our Moroccan ritual begins with the detoxifying and invigorating benefits of a full body dry brush exfoliation.  Once the skin is cleansed and refreshed, Moroccanoil’s Intense Hydrating Treatment is applied with a relaxing and deeply therapeutic  full body massage utilizing several hot stones.  The journey concludes with our Body Buff, having the lightly energetic scent of orange peel,  gently exfoliating and softening the feet.

The Moroccan Hydration Ritual Wrap
90 min/$125.00
The ultimate experience for stress relief for your muscles and hydration for your skin.  We prepare your skin with a full body dry brushing to stimulate the lymphatic system.  Our Body Buff awakens your senses with the light scent of orange while leaving your skin ready to receive the Intense Hydrating Treatment soothing you with its delicate honey-lavender aroma during your relaxing warm body wrap. Our wonderful scalp and face massage allow you to fully melt away during this experience.  After a warm shower, we lightly massage the body with our Body Souffle’ which drenches your skin with intense moisture.


Back Extractions & DermalInfusion Back Treatment
A rejuvenating DermalInfusion back treatment to help with unwanted acne, uneven skin tone, or dry skin.
60 minutes | $135

DermalInfusion Body Treatments
Refresh and exfoliate your arms with DermalInfusion. Great for uneven/dark pigment, keratosis pilaris, eczema, folliculitis, stretch marks, and dry skin.
      Upper Arm - 30 minutes | $55 per arm
      Lower Arm - 30 minutes | $50 per arm
      Decollete Treatment - 30 minutes | $75
      Leg Treatment - 30 minutes | $75 per leg
      Under Arm - 30 minutes | $55 each under arm
      Tummy - 30 minutes | $75
      Hip - 30 minutes | $75

The Silk Slipper for Men & Women
Targets Specific needs for top and bottom of the feet; your feet will be hydrated and feel luxurious.
30 minutes | $70 treatment only

The Silk Glove
Restore youth to your hands; it will leave your hands feeling supple, soft and brighter.
30 minutes | $65 treatment only

A La Carte DermalInfusion Precision Treatments
Elbows, knees, bikini line for ingrown hairs, and more -
30 minutes | $55 per area

*pricing subject to change